1 July 2022 0 Comments

When I was learning to trade Tennis I wasn’t sure what I should be doing, when I should be getting in or out of a match, or where the critical points were. So

31 May 2022 0 Comments

[embedded content] So today we reach the Oaks on Friday and the Derby the day after when the summer racing really starts to step up a gear. The start of June means that

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Betfair trading or sports betting is often done on most major sports, but often you can find opportunities in nice niches. I spent a bit of time looking at Formula 1 and uncovered

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[embedded content] Betfair tennis trading – The French Open at Roland Garros Tennis markets are pretty big on sports exchanges and the grand slams bring huge liquidity to the tennis markets. When you

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Curiously Golf was the first market I actively bet on with Betfair way back in June 2000. I’ve become a bit of a specialist in this sport since, but mainly focus on the

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Of all the markets I trade, the Eurovision song contest has to be one of the daftest, from a number of perspectives. Even if you are not watching it, you should take a

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It’s the Chester May festival this week and it’s a welcome addition to the card, but based on previous years it’s nothing amazing from a trading viewpoint. Trading conditions Obviously, we all love

29 April 2022 0 Comments

[embedded content] This weekend sees the first real big trading market of the flat turf season, the Newmarket Guineas. The interest in the first ‘Classic’ of the season is high and it should

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This is a phrase I’ll often quote when advising people on how to trade. Your real objective when trading It’s really nice to bang in some massive results now and again, but generally, that’s

12 April 2022 1 Comment

[embedded content] Now I’ve been trading on Betfair for over 20 years now and I sit down every day, press a few buttons and some money appears on the other side! But if