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This weekend sees the return of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. Held in Melbourne, the street circuit offers a unique challenge for drivers and teams.

Street circuits versus Traditional Race Circuits

Unlike purpose-built circuits, street circuits feature public roads temporarily closed for the race. These roads are not explicitly designed for high-speed racing, adding unpredictability and excitement to the event.

Key factors are: –

Track surface: Street circuits are usually laid out on public roads. This can make it more challenging for drivers to find the ideal racing line and can also impact the performance of the cars.

Circuit layout: Street circuits are often narrower and have more corners than traditional circuits. This means there are fewer opportunities for drivers to overtake and more chances for incidents and collisions.

Safety barriers: Street circuits require extensive safety barriers, limiting visibility and making it more challenging for drivers to judge their speed and braking distances.

Environmental factors: Street circuits are often located in urban areas, making them more susceptible to changing weather conditions, such as wind and humidity.

Trading Formula One races

When trading on Betfair, we seek opportunities to back at high odds or lay at low odds and trade out. In Formula One, street circuits often present that opportunity. So they are my favoured races to trade.

The Australian Grand Prix has been a happy hunting ground for me. My statistics show that the majority of pole sitters fail to go on to close out a win at Albert Park. Less than 40% win from pole position, which is low compared to other circuits.

Because most of the money gets matched in-play on Formula one, you must take a position during the race.

If qualifying goes to form and Verstappen gets the pole position, he will be at a very short price for the race. From a trading perspective, your decision on what to do for the winner market relies on when you think it may be a good time to lay Verstappen.

It may sound odd laying at very short odds from a betting perspective, but when trading, we look for the odds to ‘wobble’ enough to trade out for a profit. While not guaranteed, It happens more often than you would think.

Key moments in a race

Depending on the tyre strategy used on the day, you may have to wait until the cars start coming into the pits for an excuse to lay. But an incident on course may bring another opportunity with the introduction of the safety car.

If the dominance of Red Bull looks too ominous for you, there is plenty of trading opportunities in the podium market, where it’s much easier to pick off a chance to lay at low odds.

The retirement rate in Australia is high, just slightly behind Monaco, as the tight circuit causes its fair share of bumps and spins. That is typically where the opportunity is. But throw in another characteristic, and things get very interesting.


When rain enters the equation, the dynamics of a Formula One Grand Prix change significantly. Unpredictable weather conditions make the race even more challenging for drivers and teams. Wet surfaces increase the likelihood of accidents, demand different tire strategies, and test the adaptability of both drivers and their cars. That’s your perfect trading scenario.

In wet conditions, the percentage of pole position winners will decrease significantly. In rain-affected races, the percentage of pole position winners at the Australian Grand Prix drops further.

Similarly, the chances of a top-three finish for drivers who qualified in the top three are affected by rainy conditions. The percentage drops to around 60-65% in wet races, much lower than in dry conditions.

The current forecast is cool, and possible rain for qualifying, but warmer and less chance during the race. Keep an eye on conditions for the best opportunities.


The Australian Formula One Grand Prix offers unique opportunities for Betfair traders looking to trade in-play. By focusing on factors like weather conditions, and the nature of the course, traders can identify potential value and capitalise on market volatility during the race.

With careful analysis of historical data and an adaptable trading strategy, the Australian Grand Prix can be a thrilling and profitable event for savvy Betfair traders.

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