Learn to trade on Betfair

Learn to trade on Betfair

With a professional trader

Get your Betfair trading career off to a the perfect start.
FREE expert advice from a professional trader of over 20 years.

High quality course content from traders with over 20 years experience of successful trading.


High quality content by Professional Traders

Bet Angel founder, Peter Webb, was one of the first-ever full-time professional Betfair traders. Peter has accumulated a vast range of knowledge and ability which is presented in the Academy.

Learning to trade shouldn’t cost a fortune and on the Academy, twenty years of knowledge are combined in an easy to digest format to help you get off to an excellent start with your trading career.


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Course feedback

All are explained in-depth, in an easy to understand way. Thanks a lot Peter.

Ross Brown Betfair trading crash course

Should be the first course to go through. I went first to the strategies, those should be the last ones to visit!

Kevin Doesburg The Psychology of Trading

The crash course was both extremely informative and delivered in an easy to understand, clear and concise instructions.....

Chris Devaney Trading Crash Course