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21 Jan 2022
Loss recovery systems when betting or trading

[embedded content] Quite often we get people arriving on the Bet Angel forum

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18 Jan 2022
Live Racecourse Data With Custom Columns

As regular Bet Angel users will be aware, the One-Click trading screen in

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18 Jan 2022
Live racing data – On ANY trading interface

Since the Real-time GPS data from Total Performance Data (TPD) was integrated with

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15 Jan 2022
Sports trading and seasonality

First the good news, we are not far from Cheltenham! Winter I’ve always

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14 Jan 2022
How my Betfair trading has transformed over time

Opportunties are what you make them There are many ways to do your

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10 Jan 2022
New years trading resolutions – Top tips

Some of these may surprise you, others not so much. But if you

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09 Jan 2022
Impossible is just a word

It’s all Impossible When I was young, I was constantly reminded how some

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08 Jan 2022
What it’s really like being a full-time Betfair trader

The glamour The idea of betting on sports for a living sounds really

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07 Jan 2022
Finding opportunities in the FA Cup

It’s the FA Cup third round this weekend and marks just over halfway

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31 Dec 2021
How I know that the betting markets are inefficient

Is the betting market efficient? You have probably read countless studies that show

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27 Dec 2021
Why do I look at racing cards?

How I trade Horse racing markets One of the great things about the

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22 Dec 2021
When Betfair gifted punters millions at Christmas

[embedded content] During Christmas, we were treated to an EPIC day of spectacular

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