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An unusal betting opportunity

5 May 2023 Peter Webb Comments Off

While successful betting and trading require skill and strategy, sometimes opportunities arise that don’t need much of either – just a keen eye and an openness to possibilities.

I watch sports for a living

During a recent Champions League match, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye during a League Two match between Gillingham and Leyton Orient.

The lights had gone out, and when the match resumed, Leyton Orient, who were going for promotion, were losing the match 2-0. However, during the time it took for everything to get back to normal and the match to restart, all the other results within that particular league had started to play out, and they all went in Leyton Orient’s way. Therefore, they no longer needed to win the match to get promoted.

The interesting thing was that when the match resumed, Leyton Orient knew they no longer needed to win, and the two teams just kicked the ball about, making it obvious that the match never really technically resumed. The referee couldn’t blow up the match without it playing 90 minutes, but neither of the two teams actually wanted to play. This presented an opportunity for me.

Speed is all you need

I quickly shot onto the markets on Betfair and took advantage of the situation by betting on the correct score and over-under markets, which were undervalued due to the unusual circumstances of the match.

The odds in that particular match were reflecting what you would expect in a normal situation when a team is two-nil up at a certain point in a football match. However, all the activity playing out on the pitch made a mockery of a standard pricing model for any odds in that particular football match. Therefore, I backed all of the money that was reasonably available, which wasn’t huge amounts because it was a League Two match, but it made for a very good value bet.

This experience showed me that successful betting and trading doesn’t always require an amazing strategy or something that I don’t know about that somebody else does. Sometimes it comes down to common sense and looking for opportunities that pop up irregularly. Being alert and flexible to take advantage of unusual opportunities when they arise is key.

I encourage others to keep their eyes open for opportunities and to be prepared to act on them. If you’re watching any sport on TV or hear about something, the first thing to do is to grab your phone and have a look at the Betfair markets. If you’re at your desk, then zoom in on Betfair and have a quick scout around to see if there is an opportunity because strange things do happen from time to time, and there’s definitely an opportunity there if you’re prepared to act on it.


In conclusion, while having a solid strategy and betting knowledge is important, being open to possibilities and keeping an eye out for irregular opportunities can make all the difference. Having a good setup that allows you to keep an eye on many different things at the same time is also valuable. Remember, you don’t always need an elaborate plan to succeed – sometimes, common sense and a willingness