9 March 2022 0 Comments

We often get queries on whether you can use Bet Angel or any Betfair trading software on a Mac or an iPhone or an Android tablet or pretty much any smartphone or device.

10 January 2022 0 Comments

A beginner’s guide Overview Connecting a spreadsheet to Bet Angel will open up a whole new world of opportunities, flexible control and trading strategies. With just a basic knowledge of Excel, you will

17 December 2021 0 Comments

Bet Angel Guardian One of the major features of Bet Angel is its ‘Guardian’ tool. It’s pretty much a complete piece of software in its own right and if you dig deeper it

20 July 2021 0 Comments

OK, first things first. Bet Angel will not run natively on an Android device. But in the days of cloud computing, this does not matter. We can still access Bet Angel on an