What do Adam Heathcote, Wayne Bailey, Pete Nordsted, ‘mugsgame’, ‘Psychoff’, Paulo Rebelo, to name a few…. all have in common? They have all passed through the doors of the academy.

Founded by one of the most successful sports traders ever. Since 2004, the Academy is proud to offer very high-quality tuition and knowledge. With nearly 20 years experience in the markets, we have carefully refined, expanded and explored how best to explain and advise on sports markets. Attended

The following are comments from people who have actually been on our courses.

“I did not learn one thing from your course on Monday, I learnt a whole load of things that were completely new and will be very useful in the future. You have made me look at the markets completely differently to how I was looking at them and will now look for the openings to start trading on a particular race.” – Martin from Middlesex”