The Bet Angel Academy has been established for many years and is recognised as the industry leader with regards to providing clear, practical and meaningful trading courses for trading on Betfair.

Here are some of the most recent reviews we have received from course attendees.


by Lewis Leeming

Thank you for your videos, they are very clear, helpful and encouraging for newbies.

Great intro for rookies

by Rafael Janiak

Clear and straight forward information for beginners on Betfair.

Great Introduction

by Jamie Green

Very simple to understand introduction into trading with Bet Angel/sports trading in general.

Learning Curve

by Richard Evans

After 6 Months “Betting” on Betfair (Failing Badly) the crash course opened my eyes to new ideas and taught me new things I never considered. I now see the concept of Backing & Laying (& Hedging) in a new light. Great Stuff.

Excellent info

by Andrew Winterburn

A lot to think about and plenty of ideas on how to get started.

Trading with your angel

by John Galvin

If you haven’t done any trading on Betfair exchange before this course will show you the basics of how to win more lose less. It really is just a lesson in understanding how to go about trading if you’re unsure of what to do.

Betfair Trading Crash Course is exactly what it states and it does give one the idea of what is all about

by Wayne Giles

The Betfair Trading Crash Course gave me an understanding of what to expect as i go along in this journey of trading on Betfair. Now i think this was the easy part, now just moving along and viewing the rest of what Bet Angel has to offer

Clear & simple explanations

by Siobhan O

I liked that the videos were short, very specific and clearly explained.


by Nicholas Evans

Loved and enjoyed every minute of this course! Information came across in a straightforward and easy to understand system. Learned a lot about the basics of trading and I’m more enthusiastic about learning more. Excellent production and a fine piece of education.