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Cash-out or Hedge Profit Across Multiple Markets

Using Bet Angel, you can do some things that are simply not possible or other Betfair trading software or on the Betfair website itself.

You may want to do this as some Betfair trading strategies can involve trading multiple markets at the same time, this is most commonly done when trading on football markets.

For example, your strategy could involve taking positions in both the Match Odds and Correct Score markets with the intention of cashing out / Greening up if the combined profit (or loss) from them, when the profit on both reaches your specified amount.

With Bet Angels Advanced Automation you can do just that and green up across multiple markets in an event when a overall target profit is reached using a simple rules file either on its own or if you already have an automated statergy you could add the rules straight into to your existing automation file.

Creating the automation

Creating the Rules File

To do this you need two identical automation files, each will use a ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rule to continually trigger on and store the profits from both markets, another rule to add the two profit figures together and when your target amount is a third rule will green up your positions.

Creating the Rules

The first rule needed is a ‘Set/Modify Stored Value, this can be set to trigger unlimited times and re-arm every refresh (so it always has the most up to date profit figure).

Then on the Stored Value tab create a Stored Value (I’ve named this profit1) and store the value of the ‘Markets Green All Profit (current price) for the ‘Event’.

That’s the first rule done, that’s basically storing your green up figure every refresh for whichever market you apply this rule to.

The second rule is another ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rule, configured exactly the same as the first on the General tab.

On the Stored Value tab this time we need to create a Stored Value (I’ve named total), this going to add the stored value named ‘profit1’ to the stored value named ‘profit2’.

(Don’t worry we haven’t made the profit2 stored value yet but will get to that shortly).

Each time that rule triggers its adding together the two stored values to create a third stored value named ‘total’.

The last rule needed is a ‘Green All Selections’ rule, its up to you wat trigger times you use this will largely depend on the market’s you intend to use it on, as I’ll be using this on in-play football markets I’ve set it to trigger 3 times re-arming every 15 seconds (to allow for the in-play delay).

This rule just needs a Stored Value condition, to test if the Stored Value named ‘total’ is greater than a specified amount, for this example I’m using £20.

That’s the file for one market done, this can now be saved (I’ve called mine combined profit 1).

We now need to make an identical file with a small change, the easiest way to do this is to click the ‘Disk+’ icon and when the popup window appears re-save the file this time with a different name (ie, combined Profit 2).

You now have two identical files, all you need to do now is select the ‘Store Profits 1’ rule (or whatever you named it – and change this to something else ie, Store Profits 2) then go onto the Stored Value tab and changed the stored value name (I’ve changed mine to Profit2).

Remember earlier we created a rule that added Profit1 to Profit2 – this is that profit 2 rule now created.

The rest of the files can be left alone, you just need to click the disk icon (not disk+) to save it and the files are ready to use.

All you need to do now is apply them to your chosen markets from a match, it doesn’t matter which rules file is applied to a particular market, just as long as you have one of each applied to the markets from a fixture as shown in the image below.

You can now bet/trade those markets as normal knowing that if a combined profit of £20 (or whatever amount you specified) is reached across both markets Bet Angel will green up for you.

Or if you already have automation files you use on multiple markets in an event you may prefere to copy the rules into your existing files, this can be done with 2-3 clicks, for more details please the following blog .

Oven Ready – Automation files

I would encourage anyone wanting some rules files like these to try and make it themselves first following the steps above, but if you are still struggling you can download both files from the following page on the Bet Angel Forum

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Trading the Breeders Cup & Melbourne Cup

We are now into November and that can only mean one thing. Dark evenings, wind rain, small fields and a lack of quality horse racing for Betfair trading. But, like trading itself, it really depends where you are looking for the opportunity.

Opportunity aplenty

If you are new to Betfair trading and not trading full time, or perhaps doing matched betting and about to start trading.  Your focus may be just UK sports. But you may not be aware that on the other side of the world at the moment there are some group horse racing markets at this time of the year. The Melbourne Cup Carnival starts this weekend and the Spring Carnival Season in Australia brings many highlights, but also we have the Breeders Cup in North America. Both meetings attract international horses and jockey’s to compete for big prize money.

The interesting thing about these races is they are tradable, but to understand how. Let me take you back to when I first discovered the Melbourne Cup carnival.

How I accidentally learnt to trade Australian racing markets

The problem you have during this period is that Melbourne cup day is on a Tuesday at 4 am UK time! For a few years I, figured out that it would be a good opportunity to try and trade it, but getting up in the middle of the night is not easy. Remaining focused is not easy in the middle of the night and trading markets that you don’t know anything about are not easy either.

I failed for a couple of years when I first tried to trade this meeting and it took a stroke of luck to get me on the right path. I injured my arm one year and I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t find a useful position to rest it, so I started wandering around the house. It was then I thought I know, let’s fire up the PC and see what’s going on and there was some Australian racing on. I figured out that the sport was the same as in the UK, the sports trading markets would probably be the same and therefore the price movement. So I started messing around on Australian Racing and finally started to make it work.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival

The Melbourne Cup carnival at Flemington is the highlight of the racing calendar and one of the biggest meetings. A big Melbourne cup field will greet you on the day as well as a bumper crowd, all urging on their selection to win the Melbourne cup. This race is commonly known as the race that stops a nation, because many people in New Zealand, as well as Australia, pause to watch the races. It was such a big horse race, that it became a renewed focus for me.

The Melbourne Cup meeting takes place on Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so you get four big days, of which the highlight is Tuesday and there are plenty of races to trade. However, Flemington can start at midnight / 1 am and finishes early hours in the morning UK time so if you’re not a night/morning person then it’s difficult to do much with it. The Melbourne Cup has a tradition for its turnover totals to be running into the millions, so it is certainly a tradable meeting.

Over the years I began to get more and more confident that I could get something out of it. So I’ve traditionally brought a high level of focus to this particular week in the year for a number of years now. I know that it is something that I can do, but it takes a lot of extra effort to be able to do. But life seems to reward such endeavour. If you can’t commit to a long session, then a sensible way to do this is catching the back end of the card at 6 am, that may be a less painful way to have a look at some of the markets.

So while there isn’t much going on in the UK, there is something going on in Australia. However the markets do trade slightly differently so if you are doing something in the UK and you want to try to in Australia, you might not be able to do that, so please bear that in mind.

The Breeders Cup

Before I started trading on Betfair, the only US racing I had ever heard about was the Kentucky Derby. I soon learnt however about The Breeders Cup World Championships and one thing I learnt was that it moves around a bit. Not the market itself, although it does, of course, it’s the location that moves. It has been in Santa Anita in Los Angeles on a number of occasions.

One year, due to my interest in adventures in the world of sports, I decided to go to Santa Anita. I wasn’t sure where it was, so I thought I would drive there. (It turns out that it’s not that far from Bet Fair HQ in Los Angeles). I drove up to Santa Anita, parked up and walked towards the gate where I was challenged by security. However, as soon as I opened my mouth and spoke a bit of English, he just assumed that I was something to do with the horses, so I went straight in! Here I was, the day before the championship starts and I gain free access to roam around Santa Anita. It was hilarious! I got to see every single part of the entire park from the stables to the commentary box.

This year we are on the East coast, so a more UK friendly time and that should make it more tradeable.

Masochists of the world unite

When the Breeders Cup race takes place, you’ve got this situation where the UK racing finishes on Friday evening and intermixes with the first day of the Breeders Cup. Then Australian racing starts up, taking place in the early hours of Saturday morning. Then when that finishes, there is a small gap and the UK racing starts again, and then that dovetails into the Breeders Cup on Saturday where all the real action takes place.

If you’re totally mad you can trade all of the above without getting any sleep. You won’t be surprised to know that I’ve done it and I will probably do it again this year (maybe we should ask for it to be a public holiday)! I’ve always felt it is worth it because as we head into the winter the racing calendar, things get a little bit quieter. So it’s quite nice to be able to get stuck into some racing before we have to wait for some of the better-quality jumps racing that will get underway before long.

I’ve used this as a marker in recent years to kick-start  Q4 and it’s been a useful experience for me. In the past turnover was pretty high on these meetings and plenty of things going on. If you’re mad like me, then it’s probably worth a look but please don’t expect it to act exactly the same as it would in the UK.

If you are interested in horse racing trading, during November markets for free, why not download a copy of Bet Angel Trading Software where you can trade on Betfair: –

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Bet Angel – Cash-out at much better Prices

Betfair Cash out, only better!

Hegding, Greening, Cash-out, whatever you want to call the process of spreading a profit across a market is great. But lets make it better, let’s squeeze additional profit out of the market.

If you are familiar with the cash out button on Betfair you will know that if your cash out is successful it will magically spread your profit across the field regardless of the result. One click of that cash out icon and you can lock in a profit.

Cash out was actually an invention of the Betfair trading community back in the really early days when nobody even knew about exchanges. Hedging your position was a simple calculation and process and was later adopted by Betfair and other bookmakers.

Originally we called it ‘greening up’ as this adjective describe what you would see on your Betfair screen. Rather than a profit or loss, you would see a whole P&L of green. But now people recognise it as the process of deciding to cash out your bet. For this reason, you will see it referred to as ‘greening up’.

If you use the Betfair one-click trading screen a big limitation, you’ll notice on both the Betfair website and in other trading software is only having the ability to see and green up your trade at the current price.

With Bet Angel that’s not a problem, it gives you all the tools and options you need to create your own unique custom columns on the one-click screen to do practically anything you want and this includes creating your own custom columns to display both your closing trade and greening profit (or loss) at any price for individual selections or the whole market.

Setting up on Bet Angel

Let’s walk you through how to create and set up custom columns to both display the Reverse Green All Profit, the Reverse Green Profit for individual selections, and Reverse Green Price 10 ticks away for individual selections. But before going any further if you are unsure what ‘Reverse Greening’ and what the benefits are please see this post on the Bet Angel Forum for a detailed explanation.

Once you are familiar with this very straight forward process there is nothing to stop you creating custom columns to display and close/green up your trades at several prices. In effect, if you had the screen space, you could create a horizontal ladder giving you a major advantage over others using the one-click interface needing to wait for the odds trade at a price before submitting the order and then hoping they are quick enough to still get matched.

Example Trade

As you can see in the image below i’ve already opened a position on the top two runners in this market and could now click the figure shown in the regular ‘Trade Profit’ column to green all open trades by taking the profit at the current price of £5.47

However, thanks to the ability to create my own custom columns. I now have the option of greening all trades using the reverse prices by clicking on any of the figures displayed in the ‘Reverse Green All’ column and offering my bets to the market.

If both orders get matched I’ll secure a profit of £9.55 (nearly double that of just taking the current green up/trade profit price), and it will almost always be much more when doing this during in-play markets where there is often several ticks and more between the current and reverse prices.

Another option I have is to I just exit one of my trades by greening up at the reverse greening price ie, to green up the trade on just the second runner I could click the ‘Reverse Green Selection’ button and that will submit my green up bet at the reverse price on only that selection which as you can see in the image below if matched will secure a £5.71p profit.

For illustration purposes i’ve also included an image of the ladders for these two selections just so you can see how the reverse green bet on the second selection would appear.

Reverse Green at ANY Price

As I indicated at the start of this blog, you can go even further than that with Bet Angels fully customisable One-Click trading screen and create custom columns to display your P/L and place reverse greening bets at any price you want.

You might want to add a column to place reverse greening bets at a specific percentage or number of ticks away from the current price, allowing you to get your bets in the market ready and waiting to be matched ahead of others just as you can do on the ladder screen.

In the image below I’ve now added a custom column to place ‘Reverse Green’ bets at 10 ticks outside the current price, this is currently showing i’d make £23.44 if I were to click it now and submit the bet and the price then moves out to 6.4 and gets matched. Again I’ve used a ladder on the right for illustation purposes so you can see how/where this bet would appear on the ladder.

NB, this allows in-play traders using the one-click trading screen to increase thier chances of being matched by having thier greening bets already in the market waiting, rather than clicking the ‘trade profit’ button to submit the bet once the price you want is reached only to find that price no longer exsists by the time the in-play bet delay has passed and your order actually reaches the market.

Setting up ‘Reverse Greening Columns’

Setting this type of custom column up requires the combining of three of Bet Angel features,

  1. A rules file to continually store the value of your P/L’s in real time at your desired prices (ie, 10 ticks, 15 ticks or 20%, 50% etc)
  2. A servant to submit the bets
  3. The custom column/s to display the stored values of your P/L and submit the bet when clicked.
    Don’t worry if it sounds complicated, everything you need has already been set-up and created for you, all you need to do is follow the instructions below and download the files and import them into your Bet Angel – you can then edit, tweak and duplicate them any way you want if you want something slightly different to exactly what you see in this example.

Creating a Rules File

The first thing you need is a rules file to look up and store your P/L continually. This file then needs to be applied to the markets in Guardian each day.

For this example I’ve created a rules file that will store the value of the Reverse Green price for the market, the Reverse Green price for each selection and the Reverse Green price +10 ticks for each selection into Stored Value History Lists (Later the custom columns will look up the P/L stored values held in these three history lists and display them to you).

You can download this ready-made ‘Reverse Green History List.baf’ rules file from midway down the following post on the Bet Angel Forum, once you have downloaded and imported the file into your Bet Angel feel free to edit and make any changes you might want.

The ability to Store Values in History Lists were added to Bet Angel in V1.55, for more details on them please see this post from the Bet Angel forum.

Then all you need to do then is add your markets to Guardian each day and apply that rules file to them. If you are already using automation then there is nothing to stop you adding the rules to your exsisting file, you can use Bet Angels rule copy tool to do this quickly and easily with just a few clicks, this blog explains how to use it if you’ve never used it before.


To submit the greening orders you’ll need to create a basic servant to place the bet, the servant/s can then be assigned to a custom column on your one-click screen so that when you to click that column/button it will start the servant and place the reverse greening bet.

For a detailed post on how to assign a Servant to a custom column on your one-click trading screen please see this post

To replicate all the ‘Reverse Greening’ custom columns you see in the image at the top of this post you will need three servants, these have all been created for you and can be downloaded from midway down the same forum post as the rules file above. I’ve named the servants ‘Reverse Green All.baf’, ‘ASC Reverse Green Selection.baf’ and ‘ASC Reverse Gren Sel +10 Ticks.baf’.

Once you have downloaded the servant/s you want to udse just click on the ‘Bellboy’ icon on your main Bet Angel screen and import them into your servant manager.

Creating the Custom Columns

Now it’s time to create your custom columns, these need to do a duel job of displaying the P/L from the rules file and also start the servants to submit the bets when clicked. To create your custom columns go to your one click screen and click ‘settings’ and then ‘Edit Custom’ columns.

When the custom colum editor window opens select ‘Custom Column 1’, as your ‘column to edit’ or whatever your first spare column is if you’ve already made some columns previoustly. Then enter the information as shown below, this first column will start the ‘Reverse Green All’ servant and display the Stored Value name ‘reversegreenmarket’ (ie, your reverse green p/l value)

Once you’ve done that click ‘Save’ at the bottom and then select another column to edit and this time enter the following information to create a column to start the ‘Reverse Green Selection’ servant and display the stored value named ‘reversegreenselection’ (ie, your reverse green p/l for each individual selection).

Then click ‘Save’ again and if you want to add the reverse green +10 ticks select another column to edit and enter the following information.

Once you’ve finished creating your columns and closed the ‘custom column editor’ window the next step is select those columns to display on your one-click screen. To do this while still on your one-click screen click the icon which looks like a calandar.

and select your newly created custom columns.

You are now ready to go, the last thing to do is click the Disc+ icon on your one-click screen as highlighted in the image below and save your grid layout.

All you need to do now is add your markets to Guardian each day and apply the reverse green history lists.baf rules file you downloaded from above.
Then whenever you open a trade you’ll see your ‘Reverse Greening’ profits/losses and be able to click them to exit and green up your trades in your newly created columns.

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Betfair trading on a VPS – Virtual private server

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’, a VPS is a computer located in a remote datacentre that you can access from almost any internet-enabled device.

The ‘Virtual’ part relates to the way many servers are provisioned from a single host. We shouldn’t get too technical, but shared hosting is why software performance can be stellar, while costs can be kept down and it’s much more cost-effective than spending a lot of money on a dedicated server.

Generally speaking, you sit on one main server within a rack and share part of that server, but you benefit from being in a secure, fast, datacentre which is connected to the internet 24×7. You have full control on the VPS hosted on a Windows server that is a physical server in a state of the art datacentre, sat right on the major backbone to the internet.

Traditionally, a server in a datacentre is used for some sort of a hosting solution for multiple websites. But on this occasion, we install Windows on it instead and then you can run any Windows software on it, such as Bet Angel. You can use it just like a normal Windows PC.

When you log into your VPS it will look very familiar, just like your windows desktop! You wont know that you are connected to Bet Angel remotely. Your own computer screen will be replaced by the screen output of the remote server when you connect to the VPS.

As far as you are concerned you it looks and feels just like you are using Bet Angel locally, but in fact you are using a server in a high-tech state of the art datacentre.

Key benefits of using a VPS

Super fast connection with low latency

Your server sits inside a state of the art datacentre which is located right on a key internet backbone. This means you get to share the incredibly fast connection and routing that the datacentre can provide. It is much faster and the route more direct than using a traditional home broadband connection.

When orders are placed via a VPS there are already originating from a major internet hub. This means your internet traffic has less ‘hops’ to reach Betfair. Far fewer than if you use a standard internet connection.

Trade using any internet enabled device

When you connect to a VPS you do so with a peice of a software than simply looks at your server to display what is happening on it and allows you to remotely control it. As a consequence you can connect to it using any internet enabled device. An Android or Apple smartphone, a chromebook, any type of Apple computer or tablet, just about any device.

Run your automated Betfair trading strategies 24×7

Your VPS is always connected to the internet and running your automation day and night 24×7. It will dramatically expand the scope and scale of your trading and can even work hard for you while you are asleep.

Want to quickly check quickly on how a strategy is progressing? Running Bet Angel fully automatically via the VPS means you can free up your PC to do other things and leave the VPS to run reliably remotely. You can check into it periodically to check it’s progress or, for example, remove or add markets as required.

You can also do other useful things like isolate an automated Betfair trading strategy to a different account and run it via the VPS in the background.

Access from anywhere in the world with a UK based IP address

There may be occasions where you are abroad on holiday or business. Because the VPS is based in the UK with a UK IP address, your connection to Betfair from Bet Angel is made in the UK. When you access it from a local device or computer, it simply allows you to remotely view and instruct Bet Angel via the VPS. All of which is happening in the UK.

You may also find yourself in a situation where access to gambling sites is blocked or their use prohibited. Or perhaps you are at a location where logging in and monitoring or placing a trade or bet is inappropiate. With a VPS you can connect regardless of this as you are only remote viewing and this makes it easy to access, even from a smartphone if necessary.

Low bandwidth

Running Betfair trading software like Bet Angel can use up an enormous amount of data. But on a VPS the datacentre takes care of that for you and the only bandwidth you use is for connecting via a remote desktop to the server. This significantly reduces the stress on your local computer or connection and it also makes it perfect for connecting via smartphones over a cellular network, or where you don’t have a great internet connection.

Perfect back up solution

There is nothing worse than the electricity cutting out or your cat clawing out your ethernet cable mid-trade. With a VPS you can run a remote session to allow you quick access in an emergency or use it to run some automation as a safety option, regardless of what you are doing locally.

It’s very useful to have a set up easily available at a moments notice wherever you are.

Incredible reliability

When you run your software on a remote server in a datacentre, you get to share the benefits of all other servers in that datacentre.

You will get state of the art security, reliability and constant monitoring. A team of highly qualified engineers ensure your server is up and running all the time. Huge power generators provide backup in the event of an electricity outage at the datacentre. Using a VPS gives you access to all this.

Unique IP (internet) address

Most popular VPN providers route traffic through dedicated IP addresses and these IP’s are often blackedlisted by various entities seeking meaning access to their sites are restricted.

When you use a VPS you will be assigned an dedicated IP address unique to your server. Nobody will know the origin of that IP address and that means it will not be blocked.

Use your VPS for anything

The VPS is simply a computer like the one you are sitting in front of at the moment. So it’s perfectly possible to use it in exactly the same way.

You can browse the internet, install additional software, read your emails and everything. So as well as all the above benefits, it’s like having an extra computer to hand. Just one you can access from everywhere on anything. I use my iPad while I am on the train to do PC based work using the VPS.

How a Bet Angel VPS is unique

Like many things with Bet Angel, we started using VPS’s to solve a problem. Back in 2004, fed up with slow and unreliable internet connections, Peter needed to trade some high profile racing but didn’t know if that was going to be possible while at different locations.

Using the knowledge he acquired while working for an Internet service provider. He bought a dedicated server, installed windows on it and then ran Bet Angel on that server. It worked a treat, so many problems were solved and trading from a remote server was born.

From that simple starting point we started offering the same service to customers and at the same time expanding the scope and technical capacity required to bring the service up to another level.

In the interveneing years we have worked closley with a number of different service providers, then eventually datacentres directly to custom specify installations to optimise the experience you get when using a VPS. Bet Angel now includes a specially optimised server edition built for increased tolerance in high speed, low latency trading.

To learn more about Bet Angel VPS solutions, visit our web page.

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