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Changing column widths on Bet Angel

Bet Angel is highly customisable Betfair trading software. You can pretty much modify anything to suit your trading style and strategy.

There are many reasons why you may want to do this, but we have a good reason at the moment for sure. The huge volumes being matched on the next US president market!

With no ‘official’ end in sight to the election and Trump bunkered down in the white house till forcibly removed, the volumes are creeping up to astronomical levels on the market. This can cause a problem on your trading screen as your software may not be able to display them correctly.

We see this with the default settings on Bet Angel on the once click screen. You can see that the volume numbers are truncated on either side. This means you can’t accurately know how much has been traded on either candidate.

But help is at hand!

In case you were unaware, you can add new custom columns to Bet Angel on the one click screen that can do all sorts of clever things. But you can also add or remove columns at will and move them around the screen to create your perfect custom layout.

But you can also change their specific appearance. You can change the font size, the height of the cell and any gap between the cells and you can also resize them.

Resizing is switched off by default so you don’t accidentally re-size the grid layout and distrupt your trading screen. But to switch on the resizing simply go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Display’ and you find the options you require listed on that sections.

Once you have ticked ‘Allow column resizing’ you can then adjust any of the columns to your required size. Untick this setting again to ‘fix’ the column widths you have selected and they ‘save’ or ‘save as’ option to create and name these custom settings. Doing this will allow you to revert to standard settings or your new settings in a couple of clicks.

Changing the column size is helpful for a number of reasons, but on this occasion we can now see this market in its full glory!

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Political betting | Next US president | Trump vs Biden

The US presidential market is that is a market I’ve followed since 2004. Because I’ve got data going back since 2004, I’ve always taken an interest in it. But I’ve only been actively trading it in recent years.

2008 was the first market but my activity has grown as has the market! In 2016 the matched bet turnover was just short of an astonishing £200 million. That was a record individual market on the Betfair betting exchange.

That was until this year’s market. The 2020 market will comprehensively smashed that amount having exceeded the entire amount traded in 2016, even before election night.

Profiting from early market activity

The interesting thing about these markets is that initially there’s no model that you can particularly use to price it. People will try to form an opinion around how each candidate is polling, but you can’t specifically say, it’s going to be ‘this’ price as polls are typically unreliable.

While this quote was on market research, the same can applying to Political betting and research when polling. ‘people don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say’. Other than that, I believe all stuff read on polls.

Trading a political market early on in a politics market, it’s really just a case of trading news flow. As one piece of news comes out on one side, prices will go up and down in response. In 2016, when Trump was making all of these errors and interesting remarks about his relationship with women, there was plenty of opportunity.

Curiously was not to lay him because the price would react dramatically at that point and go flying out. I was actually backing him at these points, catching the best price. Because it was almost inevitable that some bad news about Clinton would follow. The price on Trump would come back in, at which point I’d reverse my position and just wait for the next news story.

So if you look at the chart from that election, the chart was going flying around all of the time and it provided the opportunity to trade in and out consistently. 

Media role in forming opinion

Modern media is such that they are always looking for ‘eyeballs’, so even the most modest of stories can get sensationalised.

It’s tough to find any truly objective view on an election and politics in general. All types of media exhibit some bias or another and some outlets are just plain biased. I’ve seen many Politcal pundits accidentally throw themselves under a bus with heavily skew appraisal of the markets and odds.

Just like when you are betting on football, you probably shouldn’t bet on your team. But in Politics, it takes a lot of effort to detached yourself from the arguments. But doing so, is very profitable.

As a story breaks and proliferates around social media the market will respond then eventually settle again as the story dissipates. You just have to jump in and out on on good and bad news.

Political betting on Election night

When we come to election night, you will be able to see some of the dialogue that going on in the early hours of the morning. You can also go back and look at previous elections for clues as to how the market will trade.

The interesting thing about the US election is that it’s held on a continent over four times zones. I went back and looked at how the votes came in state by state and how they were portioned to try and look for patterns. When the votes came in, as you go from east to West Coast, then there would be a certain pattern of activity that would tend to develop.

You tend to find in recent years that on the East Coast, there could be a number of different types of results coming in there. But as you move to the Midwest, it’s predominantly Republican. Then as we move to the West Coast, it’s predominantly Democrat.

You begin to get a feeling of where the activity was going to go and how things were going to pan out, just by looking at that and comparing against previous elections. Make sure you read up on the electoral college before making any assumptions. A popular vote does not a president make.

I’ve found this really useful spreadsheet for calculating the outcome of the overall market using data and assumptions from the electoral college, this should help you signficantly.

The best way to rationalise these markets is to imagine a football match and a team being up 1-0 with two states to go. Hopefully, that will give you a picture on how you would trade the night when results are declared.

In 2016 when Trump started to get some of those key states on the East Coast, you could tell that, in fact, there probably weren’t going to be enough left by the time it went through the Midwest and out to the West Coast for Clinton to win. That meant that you had had the opportunity to trade Trump on the basis he would almost certainly shorten or vice versa.

Watch the video on this blog post for more information as to how the night played out and how that affected the odds.

The big difference in 2020

There are a number of differences in 2020.

Incumbents have to defend a track record to get re-elected, which is slightly harder than attacking a sitting candidate. But covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works meaning that many will be casting postal votes in advance of normal polling methods. It’s quite likely this will be somewhat contentious, as people who may not traditionally vote will vote. Their demographics are somewhat different which may influence the final outcome.

But also you shouldn’t forget the Floridian farce of the 2000 election. You can guess that if there are any close votes anywhere, things get very contentious. Ultimately it came down to 537 votes of six million cast in Florida and individual ballots were being scrutinised for errors and checked for validity. In the event of a close vote this year, things could get very messy.

Ultimately, it make take longer for the final vote to be counted and rubberstamped. So a twist in the tail of the election may be the big story this year. This could make it a monster market to trade.

Overall, I’ve noticed an inherent bias when it comes to voters declaring their support for right learning politicians. Social responsibility is a given in modern society I think (hope?), but voters also feel that people should take personal responsibility for their decisions. So that tends to skew polling to the left against the actual outcome.

With Biden polling well and at short odds, I’ll spend election night scanning to see if that is a valid view or not. Never underestimate how much personal freedom and liberaty are essential to the American way.

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Cash-out or Hedge Profit Across Multiple Markets

Using Bet Angel, you can do some things that are simply not possible or other Betfair trading software or on the Betfair website itself.

You may want to do this as some Betfair trading strategies can involve trading multiple markets at the same time, this is most commonly done when trading on football markets.

For example, your strategy could involve taking positions in both the Match Odds and Correct Score markets with the intention of cashing out / Greening up if the combined profit (or loss) from them, when the profit on both reaches your specified amount.

With Bet Angels Advanced Automation you can do just that and green up across multiple markets in an event when a overall target profit is reached using a simple rules file either on its own or if you already have an automated statergy you could add the rules straight into to your existing automation file.

Creating the automation

Creating the Rules File

To do this you need two identical automation files, each will use a ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rule to continually trigger on and store the profits from both markets, another rule to add the two profit figures together and when your target amount is a third rule will green up your positions.

Creating the Rules

The first rule needed is a ‘Set/Modify Stored Value, this can be set to trigger unlimited times and re-arm every refresh (so it always has the most up to date profit figure).

Then on the Stored Value tab create a Stored Value (I’ve named this profit1) and store the value of the ‘Markets Green All Profit (current price) for the ‘Event’.

That’s the first rule done, that’s basically storing your green up figure every refresh for whichever market you apply this rule to.

The second rule is another ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rule, configured exactly the same as the first on the General tab.

On the Stored Value tab this time we need to create a Stored Value (I’ve named total), this going to add the stored value named ‘profit1’ to the stored value named ‘profit2’.

(Don’t worry we haven’t made the profit2 stored value yet but will get to that shortly).

Each time that rule triggers its adding together the two stored values to create a third stored value named ‘total’.

The last rule needed is a ‘Green All Selections’ rule, its up to you wat trigger times you use this will largely depend on the market’s you intend to use it on, as I’ll be using this on in-play football markets I’ve set it to trigger 3 times re-arming every 15 seconds (to allow for the in-play delay).

This rule just needs a Stored Value condition, to test if the Stored Value named ‘total’ is greater than a specified amount, for this example I’m using £20.

That’s the file for one market done, this can now be saved (I’ve called mine combined profit 1).

We now need to make an identical file with a small change, the easiest way to do this is to click the ‘Disk+’ icon and when the popup window appears re-save the file this time with a different name (ie, combined Profit 2).

You now have two identical files, all you need to do now is select the ‘Store Profits 1’ rule (or whatever you named it – and change this to something else ie, Store Profits 2) then go onto the Stored Value tab and changed the stored value name (I’ve changed mine to Profit2).

Remember earlier we created a rule that added Profit1 to Profit2 – this is that profit 2 rule now created.

The rest of the files can be left alone, you just need to click the disk icon (not disk+) to save it and the files are ready to use.

All you need to do now is apply them to your chosen markets from a match, it doesn’t matter which rules file is applied to a particular market, just as long as you have one of each applied to the markets from a fixture as shown in the image below.

You can now bet/trade those markets as normal knowing that if a combined profit of £20 (or whatever amount you specified) is reached across both markets Bet Angel will green up for you.

Or if you already have automation files you use on multiple markets in an event you may prefere to copy the rules into your existing files, this can be done with 2-3 clicks, for more details please the following blog .

Oven Ready – Automation files

I would encourage anyone wanting some rules files like these to try and make it themselves first following the steps above, but if you are still struggling you can download both files from the following page on the Bet Angel Forum

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Trading the Breeders Cup & Melbourne Cup

We are now into November and that can only mean one thing. Dark evenings, wind rain, small fields and a lack of quality horse racing for Betfair trading. But, like trading itself, it really depends where you are looking for the opportunity.

Opportunity aplenty

If you are new to Betfair trading and not trading full time, or perhaps doing matched betting and about to start trading.  Your focus may be just UK sports. But you may not be aware that on the other side of the world at the moment there are some group horse racing markets at this time of the year. The Melbourne Cup Carnival starts this weekend and the Spring Carnival Season in Australia brings many highlights, but also we have the Breeders Cup in North America. Both meetings attract international horses and jockey’s to compete for big prize money.

The interesting thing about these races is they are tradable, but to understand how. Let me take you back to when I first discovered the Melbourne Cup carnival.

How I accidentally learnt to trade Australian racing markets

The problem you have during this period is that Melbourne cup day is on a Tuesday at 4 am UK time! For a few years I, figured out that it would be a good opportunity to try and trade it, but getting up in the middle of the night is not easy. Remaining focused is not easy in the middle of the night and trading markets that you don’t know anything about are not easy either.

I failed for a couple of years when I first tried to trade this meeting and it took a stroke of luck to get me on the right path. I injured my arm one year and I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t find a useful position to rest it, so I started wandering around the house. It was then I thought I know, let’s fire up the PC and see what’s going on and there was some Australian racing on. I figured out that the sport was the same as in the UK, the sports trading markets would probably be the same and therefore the price movement. So I started messing around on Australian Racing and finally started to make it work.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival

The Melbourne Cup carnival at Flemington is the highlight of the racing calendar and one of the biggest meetings. A big Melbourne cup field will greet you on the day as well as a bumper crowd, all urging on their selection to win the Melbourne cup. This race is commonly known as the race that stops a nation, because many people in New Zealand, as well as Australia, pause to watch the races. It was such a big horse race, that it became a renewed focus for me.

The Melbourne Cup meeting takes place on Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so you get four big days, of which the highlight is Tuesday and there are plenty of races to trade. However, Flemington can start at midnight / 1 am and finishes early hours in the morning UK time so if you’re not a night/morning person then it’s difficult to do much with it. The Melbourne Cup has a tradition for its turnover totals to be running into the millions, so it is certainly a tradable meeting.

Over the years I began to get more and more confident that I could get something out of it. So I’ve traditionally brought a high level of focus to this particular week in the year for a number of years now. I know that it is something that I can do, but it takes a lot of extra effort to be able to do. But life seems to reward such endeavour. If you can’t commit to a long session, then a sensible way to do this is catching the back end of the card at 6 am, that may be a less painful way to have a look at some of the markets.

So while there isn’t much going on in the UK, there is something going on in Australia. However the markets do trade slightly differently so if you are doing something in the UK and you want to try to in Australia, you might not be able to do that, so please bear that in mind.

The Breeders Cup

Before I started trading on Betfair, the only US racing I had ever heard about was the Kentucky Derby. I soon learnt however about The Breeders Cup World Championships and one thing I learnt was that it moves around a bit. Not the market itself, although it does, of course, it’s the location that moves. It has been in Santa Anita in Los Angeles on a number of occasions.

One year, due to my interest in adventures in the world of sports, I decided to go to Santa Anita. I wasn’t sure where it was, so I thought I would drive there. (It turns out that it’s not that far from Bet Fair HQ in Los Angeles). I drove up to Santa Anita, parked up and walked towards the gate where I was challenged by security. However, as soon as I opened my mouth and spoke a bit of English, he just assumed that I was something to do with the horses, so I went straight in! Here I was, the day before the championship starts and I gain free access to roam around Santa Anita. It was hilarious! I got to see every single part of the entire park from the stables to the commentary box.

This year we are on the East coast, so a more UK friendly time and that should make it more tradeable.

Masochists of the world unite

When the Breeders Cup race takes place, you’ve got this situation where the UK racing finishes on Friday evening and intermixes with the first day of the Breeders Cup. Then Australian racing starts up, taking place in the early hours of Saturday morning. Then when that finishes, there is a small gap and the UK racing starts again, and then that dovetails into the Breeders Cup on Saturday where all the real action takes place.

If you’re totally mad you can trade all of the above without getting any sleep. You won’t be surprised to know that I’ve done it and I will probably do it again this year (maybe we should ask for it to be a public holiday)! I’ve always felt it is worth it because as we head into the winter the racing calendar, things get a little bit quieter. So it’s quite nice to be able to get stuck into some racing before we have to wait for some of the better-quality jumps racing that will get underway before long.

I’ve used this as a marker in recent years to kick-start  Q4 and it’s been a useful experience for me. In the past turnover was pretty high on these meetings and plenty of things going on. If you’re mad like me, then it’s probably worth a look but please don’t expect it to act exactly the same as it would in the UK.

If you are interested in horse racing trading, during November markets for free, why not download a copy of Bet Angel Trading Software where you can trade on Betfair: –

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